Fields of Gold

The first Fields of Gold event held by Tir Bannog was in the summer of 1997.  Since then, it has steadily grown to the point where last year’s event held our highest attendance numbers!  Held in early July (usually the second weekend), the Fields of Gold event is where Tir Bannog chooses its Defenders in the fields of Heavy Fighting and Target Archery.  There is also a fun Rapier Tourney, a Helm lunch auction, a Midsummer’s Rose/Gallant Thorn contest, and more...

Burning Man

The Burning Man Social was first hosted by Boar Mountain Hold in October of 2008.  After 2 years of sunny skies and freezing bottoms, it was decided to move it to September in 2010, where by all accounts, it was a perfect time.  Besides a pot luck feast, pick up fights and great company, a fun Target Archery shoot is run to determine which two lucky archers get to set the Burning Man on fire when the sun goes down!   *NOTE: Burning Man is on a hiatus currently

Feast of St. Crispin’s

Tir Bannog held its inaugural Feast of St. Crispin’s back in 1996, in honor of the Patron Saint of Cobblers.  There it was announced that Tir Bannog had become an incipient Shire.  Now on this weekend in October we hold our Defender’s Competitions in Rapier, Arts & Sciences, Brewing and Bardic.  In addition, there is a Prize Tourney for the Heavy fighters, a “Buy an Arrow” archery shoot, a silent auction and a fun A&S Competition.