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Official Sites  The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. The perfect starting point for anyone interested in the SCA, with articles for beginners and experts alike.  The Kingdom of An Tir.  Our Kingdom in the SCA.  The Principality of Tir Righ.  Where the Shire of Tir Bannog lies.  The Shire of Cae Mor.  Our neighbours to the West, and the home of the Penguin Crusade!  The Shire of Cold Keep.  Our neighbours to the East, and newest members of Tir Righ!  The Red Wolf Inn.  The Fields of Gold Educational Center’s onsite inn.

Combat information

ABC (The An Tir Book of Combat) 11th Edition (2015) pdf

An Tir Book of Target (Jan. 2014)

An Tir Book of Rapier Combat 2010

Merchant Information

(These are a collection of links to merchants that we found to be useful and helpful to us; however, this by no means should be considered an endorsement of said merchants...)  Alchem, Inc.  Alchem has a collection of Rapier and Dagger blades and hilts for sale.  As always, check the Rapier Combat regulations to find out which blades are legal.  Armstreet.  Selling medieval clothing, footwear, armor and more.  Sellers of rubber band guns designed for use in SCA Rapier combat.  Darkwood Armory.  Rapiers and Daggers, protective equipment for Rapier, hilts and rubber axe heads for Heavy fighting, gorgets and more!  Garb The World.  A ton of garb for all different periods available here, at good prices.  Very nice starter deal for newbies and veterans alike.  Gipsy Peddler.  Makers of SCA Rapier Armour.  Very good quality, SCA legal... And stylish, too!  Northstar Archery. Looking for Combat Archery equipment?  This is a great source for bows, arrows, crossbow bolts, kits and parts.  H.H. Perkins Co.  Sellers of Rattan; look in their Rattan Swords category for a great selection of Heavy legal rattan.  Make sure to read about shipping limitations!  SCA  Looking for swashbuckling boots?  Look no further than here!  Your Dressmaker.  Another great place to look for medieval garb, both fancy and otherwise.   Zen Warrior Armory.  SCA Rapier Gear: blades, masks, hilts, clothing.  They have a very nice (and upgrade able) starter set for Rapier fighters.